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At Diecaster Games, we believe gaming is for everyone. Our company strives to create inclusive, diverse, and engaging content that reflects the expansive communities we all live in. Gaming is better together, and we believe in fostering an open and welcoming community where ALL players feel they belong!

Meet the Team


Kyle Headshot.heic

Kyle is the head of our design team, and the driving force behind our first game Innkeeper. He considers himself a lifelong gamer with a love of card games above all else. When he's not designing and playtesting games, he likes to work on his videography skills and serves as a part time firefighter. His favorite games are Magic the Gathering, and Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid.


Leander Headshot.heic

Leander is the stalwart business manager of Diecaster Games. His strategic thinking skills have been critical in growing the game, and building it up for its Kickstarter run. In his free time he runs his own business, and loves to spoil his dog Journey. His friends describe him as an avid board gamer, excellent DND player, and amazing human being.

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